Time to Do Something............


Firstly, thanks to all those who reported problems with getting on the Laird's website - all fixed and in great shape now - many thanks Secondly, the release of the FSC's commissioned Massey University investigation into the issue of 'underinsurance' in New Zealand has prompted the Laird to do something about this dreadful blight on our financial security.

Campaign for Financial Protection

Shortly, Asset Magazine will be publishing an item announcing the launch of the CAMPAIGN for FINANCIAL PROTECTION - logo herewith. 

It's all very well huffing and puffing about a regrettable situation, but there comes a point when the talking has to be replaced by some practical action, and the best way I can think of to attack the abysmal lack of financial protection in our community is to use the contemporary communication and marketing tools at our disposal.

Starting a Campaign to promote awareness among all stakeholders seems to me to be a useful start.

We've seen the evidence - we know that there are segments of the population which are unable and/or unwilling to make provision for family and colleagues in the event of untimely death, serious injury, or long-term illness.

A website has been set up www.financial-protection.org - it's still being developed, but it's a start at least. I've set up a dedicated mail box - dcwhyte@financial-protection.org - so please feel free to make contact with any suggestions, views, opinions, and assistance you believe will advance the cause.

The Campaign is not - repeat not - an excuse for flogging insurance products.

There are other ways to create financial security and protection for dependents - avoiding and/or reducing debt, for example, although an appropriate insurance policy can be a very effective means of providing immediate financial protection in the right circumstances.

The Campaign is seeking to utilise all possible means to spread the message, and while there are no Life Companies, Fund Managers, Banks, or other institutions providing financial support, a donation from those who are of a like-mind would be appreciated. If enough contributions of $10 or more can be gathered then we can mount a decent campaign and make sufficient noise and help others avoid financial disaster. Please go online and make a donation - be assured all donations will be allocated toward the Campaign

If we can help just one family, or one business, to make proper financial provision for family and colleagues - we will have succeeded. It all depends on you and how much you believe we should assist our fellow New Zealanders take positive action.

Click on the website www.financial-protection.org - make a donation and help promote Financial Protection - NOW!!


The Laird