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David Whyte -     
The Laird's Story 

The castle view was not quite the outlook I grew up with, but it was where my nephew and his lovely bride had their wedding ceremony not so long ago.

Fond memories, for sure, but the journey from Scotland to New Zealand has taken in many experiences in the business scene.

From being one of the founding management team at Sovereign Assurance, to leading AIA in both NZ and Australia, to the Boards of Lifetime Group, Provident Insurance, Kiwi Adviser Network, Strategi Group, and Foundation North. This has been a rich and eventful journey so far.


A few years back, a journo coined a nickname for me - The Laird - as an acknowledgment to my Scottish heritage - so here's my invitation to you.

Explore the world of business management innovation through the eyes of The Laird. Join me on a journey of insights, ideas, and inspiration as I navigate the realms of entrepreneurship and creativity. Let's delve into the latest trends, strategies, and success stories that shape the business landscape. The Laird Online is your gateway to unlocking the potential within you. Get ready to elevate your thinking and embrace the power of innovation.

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