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Clarify - Structure

Simplify - Strategy

Achieve - Vision


Growing Your Business

Have you hit a revenue ceiling? 


Has your production levelled out?


Do you own the business or does your business own you?




Breaking out from a period of flat growth can be challenging - but it's not impossible.

Seeing all your efforts to lift revenue missing the mark can be frustrating, demotivating, and seriously annoying. It seems like no matter what you try, the income generated just doesn't reach higher levels.

To add to the frustration, the profit margin in your financials is at best static, at worst declining, and while expenses are rising, so is your blood pressure, making business and personal life unpleasant, unbalanced, and stressful.

I know how all this feels - been there, done that! Faced with the very same scenario, I took the uncertain step of investing in a management model, which at the time, was pretty effective.

Fast forward a few years, and the management models available now have become far more sophisticated, effective, and focused.

So here are three areas of operational management activity that will help to get you out of the current situation, lift revenue, and break through the ceiling. The complete model has six components but the following will provide an insight into the essence of the model.

Structure - clarify precisely the roles/functions needed in your enterprise to achieve your goals. Create an Accountability Chart (NOT an Org Chart) - which role reports to who, and who has overall responsibility for performance. (Hint - if you are the founding owner and/or visionary - that's not you!)

Strategy - simplify by placing the right people in the right seats. This can be a challenge, but if there are people occupying roles who do not share your values and vision, they will create barriers to growth. Any other mix of people and seats, i.e., wrong people, right seats; right people, wrong seats; or, worst of all, wrong people wrong seats - will likewise hold back your growth potential.

Vision - achieve your goal - the reason why you set up the business in the first place was to realise an ambition - your idea of what the future would look like. The set of values to support your vision has to be followed by all in the company - otherwise progress will be delayed while others pursue their vision and their objectives.

The six components of this model should be the responsibility of an INTEGRATOR - defined as someone who brings all facets of the model to life, creates traction, provides the fuel to power the engine of the rocket that launches your performance, revenue, and profitability into orbit!

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