DCWM is the company structure through which I provide services to clients in the New Zealand insurance and financial services industry.

The company was formed in 2011 to provide support for the financial services industry.

Clients include leading life insurance companies, financial advisers, the NZ Government, and many other private clients—all involved in some capacity in the financial services industry.

I have served at senior management and director level in a number of prominent organizations, including Fidelity Life, the Insurance & Savings Ombudsman Scheme (ISO), the Insurance, Savings & Investments Association (ISI — now called the Financial Services Council – FSC), and Southern Response Earthquake Services Ltd.

I served as General Manager of AIA in New Zealand, and as Managing Director of AIG Life in Australia before returning to New Zealand.

In addition to a Master of Arts (Honours) degree, I have a post-graduate Masters Degree in Management and a post-graduate qualification from Waikato University in Corporate Governance & Leadership. I am also a Chartered Member of the NZ Institute of Company Directors

Click on my resume - you will see a track record of significant achievement and consistent success. 

However, the future holds even greater promise, and the focus is firmly on the challenges which lie ahead.