More about Suitebox......

The impact of technology on financial services has already been dramatic and set to continue for the foreseeable future. The term 'fintech' has now been incorporated into everyday language, and we are only at the beginning of this phenomena. I've mentioned Suitebox on previous posts as a perfect example of how technology will change the way business is conducted, and last week in Melbourne, a fintech conference event recognised and rewarded Suitebox for their innovation

"Online meeting platform SuiteBox, which allows financial advisers to view, save and share video records from client meetings, was awarded the best new technology..."

But show-casing a product of this nature at industry events is all very well and good - great publicity, etc., etc.

However, in addition to this growing recognition, there's an interview with a New Zealand adviser Anna Corbin who explains the effectiveness of the platform. There's another interview which follows on, with Ross Campbell, a fire and general broker, who also endorses use of Suitebox.

Take a few minutes to look at the evidence, consider how much it costs per hour to run your business, and see if  a Suitebox online meeting with a client - instead of travelling through traffic, and/or using up valuable time for you and your client - will reduce your expenses.



The Laird