Our rock star economy is rolling along and many industry sectors are thriving. Sure, there are some not doing so well, but in the main, we're in better shape than Australia, U.K., or America. But I wonder f there is not a little complacency developing in some quarters?Square-wheels

In particular in the financial services industry. Banks are declaring record profits, General Insurers are recovering from the Christchurch earthquake, Financial Advisers are prospering - despite moans and groans over the growing regulatory impost, the NZ dollar is strong (tough on exporters, great for travellers), and the markets are generally holding steady.

This should be the time when innovation flourishes and new ideas receive a warm welcome.

Click here for a classic example of Kiwi ingenuity that deserves a resounding endorsement - particularly from the financial services sector.

I hasten to add that I have no financial, pecuniary, or commercial interest in the organisation, just a belief that technology innovation deserves to be recognised and supported.

In the financial services industry, effective communication is paramount, and in my humble opinion, Suitebox advances our capability admirably in this respect.

The organisation has just received a significant award in the USA for its innovative technology, and while the company has ambition in the lucrative overseas markets, NZ needs to step up to the plate and take advantage of the productivity gains created by this new platform.

As I stated earlier, I have no involvement with the organisation apart from a couple of meetings with the founders and examining their product.

So I have no axe to grind - other than issuing a wake-up call to everyone in the financial services industry who seeks to improve their communication ability.