When will you stop?

This is an open post to any US citizen who cares to read it. The world  watched in stunned and breathless horror at the events at Sandy Hook which were beamed worldwide.

It seemed inconceivable that another madman should gun down innocent children and repeat the obscenity of slaughter that seems to pervade your society.

Over the years, citizens of other countries, allies as well as critics, have watched with fear and trepidation as US foreign policy has instigated the bombing, terrorising, and destruction of countries, cities, towns, villages, and people in Vietnam, South America, and Iraq. And all the while cosied up to murderous, primitive, and tyrannical regimes in the middle-east - in the supposed defence of US interests.

But somehow the outrage of international victims has been lost on you as a populace as your politicians spirited your sons and daughters in body-bags under cover of night.

When Donald Rumsfeld ordered the replica of Picasso's Guernica to be removed from view in the UN building before he announced the bombing of yet another foreign territory,  you surely couldn't have missed the irony of his action.

Just as the Fascist/Nazi alliance in Spain in 1937 sought to conceal the truth, so a succession of your elected officials have lied to you, deceived you, and denied you access to the truth.

But there is no concealment of the horror that is allowed to repeat itself in your country. 

It beggars belief that you appear to be unaware the societal culture which gives rise to the slaughter of people overseas and that there is a similar experience which periodically befalls innocent unsuspecting citizens within your own boundaries.

Are you truly captured by the nonsensical drivel that is promulgated by the NRA gun lobby - that somehow owning an AK47 assault weapon is an inalienable constitutional right?

This image appearing on the internet currently might provide a clue. Guns

Take a look at the statistics and consider if guns were not so easily accessible, would  any one of those 10, 728 US citizens still be with you today?

The profiteering of the legalised gun-runners is nothing short of criminal.

You simply cannot sit idly by apathetically waiting for something like  this to happen again - because it surely will.

Stop your politicians from lying, killing, and condoning the dissemination of weapons of mass murder.

You have the means at your disposal - just as the Arab Spring did.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing". Edmund Burke