Governance, COMpliance, and all that stuff..........

Governance need not be complicated, expensive, or obstructive.  Managed properly,governance adds value, increases the effectiveness of a company, and provides stakeholders with comfort that critical issues are being managed in line with with best practice. 

Governance and compliance are closely linked. 

If you’re a company director, and whatever your views are on financial services regulations, the obligations to manage all company matters relating to proper financial, legal, ethical, and governance processes and procedures are no longer someone else’s responsibility.

But governance doesn’t have to be negative, demotivating, or unproductive.

Applying the essential elements of governance can increase the profitability and value of your company, enhance your income-producing potential, and meet all requirements of the rules and regulations.

You may be at the stage of looking to establish an Advisory Board, or looking to appoint a fully constituted Board of Directors with full legal and compliance responsibilities. Whatever stage you're at, this short modular training course will serve as a vital resource in the successful adoption of an effective governance and compliance regime to add value and progress to your business.