Board Resources

Experienced; qualified; knowledgeable - the contribution to Board-related matters depends on these characteristics. I provide value-added input at Non-Executive Director level, based on extensive experience in NZ, Australia, and U.K. Over the years, wisdom based on experience and observation.


"The doors of wisdom are never shut"  -  Benjamin Franklin.

Clients include leading life insurance companies, financial advisers, the NZ Government, and many other private clients involved in the financial services industry.

There are standard processes and procedures that all boards should follow. Technology has helped greatly in simplifying these processes, but input from an experienced, qualified, professional individual is an essential element in developing a successful Board.

My experience as Chair of a number of Boards of Directors and with Non-Executive Directorships has provided a wealth of knowledge and practical experience that you can tap into today.

From advice on setting up and Advisory Board, to the best practice 'management' of a fully constituted Board, I can provide valuable input for you.